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渋谷ヒカリエ/Shibuya Hikarie

ShinQs is a collection of around 200 shops that opened in 2012 across the eight floors of Shibuya Hikarie, from the basement 3rd floor to the 5th floor, with the focusing theme of Japan-original and Shibuya-original. The store's facilities such as the Switch Rooms that completely reinvented the concept of restrooms, and even its overall environment such as playing different music in each floors are all carefully planned out so that our visiting customers can enjoy shopping in the upmost relaxation possible.
What we offer in the food, beauty and the fashion zones are entirely new lifestyles and they are updated with each passing day. ShinQs is one of the hottest shopping locations in Japan, attracting many customers every day, especially women who like to come and enjoy an entirely new Shibuya that they've never seen before.


Directly connected to Tokyu Toyoko Line, Denentoshi Line and Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line "Shibuya Station".
Directly connected to JR Line, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Keio Inokashira Line "Shibuya Station" via 2F Connecting Walkway.
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Floor Service Information

Tax Refund Service

◆1◆We offer tax refund services to customers with receipts with "ShinQs" printed on them that meet the following requirements at the Tax Refund Counter at basement 1st floor. We ask for the customer who has made the actual purchase to come to the counter at the day of the purchase during the counter's business hours. Please make sure to bring your passport.

[Requirements for Tax Refund]
Those who have spent less than six months since entering Japan, such as foreign tourists.

[Refund Standards]

<< General Goods >>
・Clothing, bag, shoes, jewelry, tableware, craftwork
・5,000 yen or more <excluding tax>
・Make sure to take the items outside Japan after purchase.

<< Consumables >>
・Cosmetics, food, alcoholic beverages, drinks, nutritional supplements
・5,000 yen or more, 500,000 yen or less <excluding tax>
・Make sure to take the items outside Japan within 30 days after purchase (special packing is required).

Note: You may also be eligible for tax refunds when the total amount of general goods and consumables are 5,000 yen or more and 500,000 yen or less (excluding tax, respectably). Make sure to take the items outside of Japan within 30 days after purchase (special packing is required).

◆2◆Tax refund service for receipts that do not have "ShinQs" printed on them are done at each of the shops.

▶ Click here for tax refund procedure guide.
Tax-Free Guide [PDF]

Information Counter [B3, 2F]

Please feel free to stop by and ask us about shopping, dining, or anything else about the floor. We will be glad to assist you in having a pleasant time here at Shibuya Hikarie.

Usable Credit Cards

Various credit cards including VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, and JCB can be used.

Union Pay Card

We have devices that can process Union Pay card payments ready at each floor.

Switch Rooms/Baby Rooms [B3, B2, B1, 3F, 4F, 5F]

At ShinQs, we offer multipurpose restrooms called Switch Rooms.
Each room at different floors is designed in different concepts, offering a relaxing atmosphere like never experienced, with its dim illumination, 3D surround music and aromatic scent.
These restrooms, with their different atmospheres and functionalities, are designed for you to be able to switch your mood from tired to refreshed.

Baby Rooms "Switch Living" [B2]

This is a resting room where mothers and their babies can both enjoy a relaxing time together. There are kid's restrooms, and also a small powdering space in the breastfeeding rooms.

Wheelchair & Stroller Rental Service (free) [B3, 2F information]

Rental Hours: 10:00AM -9:00PM
We offer wheelchair and stroller rental services to customers with disabilities and small children for free.

Coin Locker [B3, 2F]/Refrigerator Locker [B3]

We have set up the world's first coin lockers compatible with Felica that can operate even when there is a blackout.
We also provide Felica-compatible refrigerator lockers you can use to store purchased foods.

ATM [B3, B2]

[B3] Mizuho Bank, opened 10:00AM -9:00PM on weekdays,10:00AM -9:00PM on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
[B2] Seven Bank, opened 10:00AM -9:00PM on weekdays, 10:00AM -9:00PM Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
These ATM's are compatible with Union Pay and other various international cards.

Smoking Rooms [7F・8F・11F]

Smoking is prohibited in the building except for designated smoking rooms.Please use the smoking rooms in 7th, 8th and 11th floors when smoking.

Tourist Information

At the Tourist Information in Tokyu Tokyo Metro Shibuya Station (Shibuya Station basement 2nd floor connecting walkway), we offer various information of Shibuya, and offer helps and solutions to tourists in need.

Overseas Delivery

We offer delivery service to foreign countries of purchase products (for a fee).


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